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Sunday, 6/20/10

Decades have passed since the performances featured a couple weeks ago. The voice has lost some of its strength—the heart none.

Inez Andrews (April 3, 1929-)

Live, Arizona (Tucson, Mt. Calvary Baptist Church), 2007

“The Lord Will Make A Way”


“Mary Don’t You Weep”


listening room

The other night, in the wake of posting Artur Schnabel’s recording of Beethoven’s “Moonlight” sonata, I listened to pianist Andras Schiff’s lecture-recital on this piece, which is wonderful and revelatory and can be heard here.


punctuating with pizzazz

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fierce, insistent, soaring—this voice, which I first heard over 30 years ago, still gives me chills.

Inez Andrews

With the Andrewettes, “Let the Church Roll On,” live (TV broadcast), 1964


With Rev. James Cleveland & the Metro Mass Choir, “We Are Soldiers in the Army,” live, 1981


“A Stranger in the City,” “He Lives In Me,” “Lord, Don’t Move The Mountain,” “Mary Don’t You Weep,” live, Chicago (Apostolic Church of God), 1988


With the Caravans, “Mary Don’t You Weep” (1958)/mp3

This track comes from The Widow’s Might, a wonderful DVD with nearly 700 gospel songs in mp3 format (everything played on Sinner’s Crossroads in 2009) that’s available as a $75 premium from WFMU-FM.



The Caravans’ star then was Inez, whom they called the High Priestess. She looks the part. A coffee-colored woman with high Indian cheekbones and an intense, almost drugged stare, she can sing higher natural notes than anyone on the road. Tina [Albertina Walker] said, ‘The rest of us sang awhile, but the folks really wanted to hear Inez whistle.’

—Anthony Heilbut, The Gospel Sound: Good News and Bad Times (6th ed. 2002)


Determination is important. You’ve got to be determined to live what you sing as well as sing what you sing. God understands the . . . difficulty that we go through for the truth. The Bible says your determination will be rewarded because God sees it when no one else does.

Inez Andrews


art beat

The Matisse exhibit at Chicago’s Art Institute (which I returned to yesterday) closes on June 20th, then opens at New York’s Museum of Modern Art on July 18th. I have only one word of advice: Go!

Interior with Goldfish, 1914

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