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Monday, May 18th

sounds of Brazil

Gilberto Gil, live (TV show), Brazil, 1994



random thoughts

Of us they are sublimely oblivious—birds.


taking a break

I’m taking some time off—back in a while.

Friday, June 13th

sounds of Brazil & Jamaica

Slavish imitation. Contrived reinvention. Tributes usually leave me wondering why they even bothered. Not this.

Gilberto Gil (1942-), Tribute to Bob Marley, live, Brazil (Sao Paulo), 2001

Monday, August 12th

sounds of Brazil

Gilberto Gil (1942-; vocals, guitar) with Dominguinhos (1941-2013; accordion), “Lamento Sertanejo,” live, 2010



musical thoughts

What would it be like to live in a world that sounded everywhere the same?

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