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Thursday, June 11th

like nothing else

Evan Parker ElectroAcoustic Nonet  (Evan Parker, saxophone; Barry Guy, bass; Paul Lytton, drums; Peter Evans, trumpet; Okkyung Lee, cello; Sten Sandell, piano; Richard Barrett, electronics; Paul Obermayer, electronics; Sam Pluta, electronics), live, France (Mulhouse), 2015







random sights

other day, Chicago


A melancholic introspection retrospective
Was taking place in a white-walled room called Summer Was.

—Mary Jo Bang (1946-), from “Don’t” (Elegy, 2007)

Tuesday, May 22nd

day one

Sounding Tears Trio (Mat Maneri, viola; Evan Parker, soprano saxophone; Lucian Ban, piano), live, Bucharest, 2017




reading table

where there’s people
there’s flies
and Buddhas

—Kobayashi Issa, 1763-1827 (translated from Japanese by David G. Lanoue)

Saturday, February 8th

a gathering of birds

Evan Parker Quartet (EP, soprano saxophone; Peter Evans, trumpet; John Russell, guitar; John Edwards, bass), live, London, 2009



musical thoughts

Music offers a way out of our little cluttered closet.

Tuesday, August 6th

More sounds from the shadows.

Evan Parker (tenor saxophone) and Ned Rothenberg (alto saxophone), live, Silver Spring, Md. (Sonic Circuits Festival of Experimental Music), 2009

If this dialogue were translated into English, how would it read?

Tuesday, May 7th

Only a world this noisy could produce music this quiet.

Evan Parker (soprano saxophone), et al.,* live, London (Freedom of the City festival), 2011

*Heledd Francis Wright (flute), John Russell (guitar), Augusti Fernandez (piano), Adam Linson (bass), Toma Gouband (percussion), Lawrence Casserley (electronics), Matt Wright (electronics).

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