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Saturday, April 3rd

never enough

Guitarist Pete Cosey? Miles gave him a lot of space, as he had pianist Bill Evans. And just as the Miles of Kind of Blue is unimaginable without Evans, so too with Cosey here.

Miles Davis Septet (MD [trumpet, organ, compositions], Dave Liebman [soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, flute], Pete Cosey [guitar, percussion], Reggie Lucas [guitar], Michael Henderson [bass], Al Foster [drums], Mtume [aka James Foreman, James Mtume; conga, percussion]), live, Stockholm, 1973



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other day, Oak Park, Ill.

Monday, 6/4/12


Pete Cosey, guitar player, October 9, 1943-May 30, 2012

Miles Davis, “Ife,” live, Austria (Vienna), 1973
With Pete Cosey, guitar (solo begins at 5:30) and percussion; Dave Liebman, flute, soprano and tenor saxophones; Reggie Lucas, guitar; Michael Henderson, bass; Al Foster, drums; James Mtume Forman, conga and percussion


Here’s an earlier post (12/31/09):

In the public imagination, the guitar’s associated with freedom and individuality. The musical reality’s different. Guitarists travel in herds; few stray from the pack. One who has gone his own way is this man, who’s played with everyone from Muddy Waters (as a session musician for Chicago-based Chess Records) to Miles Davis (as a member of his group [1973-1975]). He employs a variety of unusual tunings and effects. He sounds like no one else.

Pete Cosey, guitar

“Calypso Frelimo” (excerpt), Pete Cosey’s Children of Agharta (JT Lewis, drums; Gary Bartz and John Stubblefield, saxophones & flute; Matt Rubano, bass; Johnny Juice, turntables; Baba Israel, words and beats; Kyle Jason, voice; Bern Pizzitola, guitar; Wendy Oxenhorn, harmonica), live, 2002, New York


Live (with Melvin Gibbs, bass; JT Lewis, drums; Johnny Juice, congas and turntables)



. . . the guy who, after Hendrix, showed you how ‘out’ you could go with guitar playing, particularly in the improvised context.

Greg Tate

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