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Friday, October 25th

sounds (and sights) of Chicago

Daniel Knox (vocals, piano) with Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, “Gone Old Days” (D. Knox), live, Chicago, 2019




random sights

yesterday, Oak Park, Ill.

Friday, March 4th

sounds of Chicago (and Springfield)

Never underestimate the power of idiosyncrasy.

Daniel Knox, live, Paris, 2015




art beat

William Klein (1928-), Brooklyn, 1955


Monday, February 23rd

More of Daniel K.

Daniel Knox, “Blue Car,” 2014



art beat

William Klein (1928-), Candy Store, Amsterdam Avenue, New York, 1955


Friday, February 20th

what’s new

Daniel Knox, “Don’t Touch Me” (Daniel Knox, Carrot Top Records, 2/24/15)



reading table

Some people really are what they seem to be—though not that many.


Like most explanations, it’s as plausible as anything else.


Character, to me, is one more lie of history and the dramatic arts. In my view, we have only what we did yesterday, what we do today, and what we might do tomorrow. Plus, whatever we think about all of that. But nothing else—nothing hard or kernel like. I’ve never seen evidence of anything resembling it. In fact I’ve seen the opposite: life as teeming and befuddling, followed by the end.

—Richard Ford, “The New Normal” (Let Me Be Frank With You)


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