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Sunday, 8/26/12

Here are a few more takes on a song we listened to a couple weeks ago“Sending Up My Timber.”

Rev. Raymond Branch, Los Angeles (Heavenly Rainbow Baptist Church), 2010


Blind Willie McTell (Pig ’n Whistle Red), 1950


Otis Clay & Clarence Fountain (Direct Hits from Bullseye Blues), 1993


Ya’Londa Freeman & Gardner Family, Baltimore (Har Sinai Church of Christ, funeral for Jaycee Gardner), 2008

Sunday, 6/27/10

Two minutes not enough?

Do what I just did—play it three times.

Five Blind Boys of Alabama (featuring Clarence Fountain), “Too Close to Heaven,” live (TV broadcast), 1960s



Five Blind Boys of Alabama, “Send It On Down” (1969)/mp3

This is another track from The Widow’s Might, the wonderful DVD—nearly 700 (!) gospel songs in mp3 format (everything played on Sinner’s Crossroads [one of my all-time favorite radio shows] in 2009)—that’s available as a $75 premium from WFMU-FM.



What I want to do is sing so good that the people who don’t believe in God will have an idea that there is a God . . .

—Clarence Fountain

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