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Saturday, August 26th

what’s new

The Roots and Bilal, “It Ain’t Fair,” live (Tonight Show), 8/7/17


Friday, October 21st

sounds of Chicago

Common (with Robert Glasper [keyboards], Bilal [vocals], et al.), “I Used To Love H.E.R.,” “Letter To The Free,” “The Day The Women Took Over,” “Little Chicago Boy,” live, Washington, D.C. (White House Library), 10/3/16


Friday, 7/20/12

two takes

Robert Glasper Experiment, “Always Shine” (feat. Lupe Fiasco & Bilal)

TV show (David Letterman), 2/29/12


Recording, Black Radio (2012)



musical thoughts

Jazz, classical, R&B: so much great music, no matter the genre, shares a particular quality—density.


reading table

It’s as if your body were itself a person
And the person wasn’t you.

—Frederick Seidel, “Track Bike” (excerpt), London Review of Books, 7/19/12


art beat: yesterday at the Art Institute of Chicago (between court hearings at the nearby federal court building)

Willem de Kooning, Untitled XI (1975)

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