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Wednesday, September 15h

sounds (and sights) of Chicago

Avreeayl Ra (voice, drums, percussion, flute) and Ed Wilkerson (didgeridoo, tenor saxophone), live, Chicago, 8/23/20



random sights

yesterday, Chicago


reading table

Whatever it is,
I cannot understand it,
although gratitude
stubbornly overcomes me
until I’m reduced to tears.

—Saigyō (1118-1190), translated from the Japanese by Sam Hamill

Saturday, March 6th

sounds of Chicago

Avreeayl Ra (drums), Dave Rempis (saxophones), live, Chicago (Constellation), last night




random sights

a while ago, Ireland (Dingle Peninsula)

Saturday, August 5th

sounds of Chicago

Solstice Drum Quartet (l-r: Michael Zerang, Mike Reed, Hamid Drake [MCOTD Hall of Fame], Avreeayl Ra) & Guests (Mars Williams, Nick Mazzarella, saxophones; Dan Phillips, guitar; Tatsu Aoki, bass), live, Chicago, 2016


Thursday, August 27th

tonight in Chicago

These folks will be at Constellation.

Tomeka Reid (cello) with Mary Halvorson (guitar), Jason Roebke (bass), and Tomas Fujiwara (drums), “Glass Light,” live, Chicago, 2014


And these guys will be Elastic.

Dave Rempis (saxophone), Joshua Abrams (bass), Avreeayl Ra (drums), live, Chicago, 2013




Celebrating the birthdays of saxophonists Lester Young (August 27, 1909) and Charlie Parker (August 29, 1920), WKCR-FM (Columbia University) is featuring their music all day today (Young), all day tomorrow (Young and Parker), all day Saturday (Parker), and into Sunday morning (Parker).

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