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Monday, July 29th


Andrew Cyrille (1939-, drums) with Peter Brötzmann (reeds), live, New York, 6/11/19


Saturday, July 27th


Andrew Cyrille (1939-, drums) with Tomeka Reid (cello), Beatrice Capote (dance), live, New York, 6/11/19




reading table

dancing butterflies—
my journey forgotten
for a while

—Kobayashi Issa, 1763-1827 (translated from Japanese by David G. Lanoue)

Thursday, July 18th

what’s new

Andrew Cyrille (1939-, drums) with Wadada Leo Smith (trumpet), Brandon Ross (guitar), live, New York, 6/11/19


(Taking a break—back in a while.)

Monday, January 7th

sounds of New York

Tim Berne (alto saxophone), Michael Formanek (bass) Andrew Cyrille (drums), live, New York, 2018




reading table

One need not be a Chamber – to be Haunted –

—Emily Dickinson (1830-1886), from 407 (Franklin)

Saturday, August 8th

tonight in Chicago

These guys are playing at Constellation.

Trio 3 (Oliver Lake, alto saxophone; Reggie Workman, bass; Andrew Cyrille, drums), live, c. 2008



random thoughts: riding my bicycle

After a while, there’s no bicycle. No me. Only riding.

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