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Tuesday, September 17th

sounds of New York
day two

Sam Pluta (1979-), Broken Symmetries (2011-12); Wet Ink Ensemble (Sam Pluta, electronics; Joshua Modney, violin; Erin Lesser, piccolo; Alex Mincek, tenor saxophone; Eric Wubbels, piano; Ian Antonio, percussion), live, New York, 2016




random sights

other day, Bellwood, Ill.

Wednesday, February 1st


Wet Ink Ensemble, Pendulum V (Alex Mincek), live, New York, 2009




reading table

in such an ugly time the true protest is beauty

Phil Ochs (1940-1976), Pleasures of the Harbor (1967), liner notes

Tuesday, January 31st

Sunday night, in Chicago, I heard these folks perform at Constellation. Afterward, as I walked out the door, the night air seemed clearer, lighter, as if it had just been washed.

Wet Ink Ensemble, Pendulum VII (Alex Mincek), live, New York, 2013




art beat: other day, High Line (New York)

Tony Matelli (1971-), Sleepwalker, 2014


Thursday, December 4th

sounds of New York (day three)

If this life of ours isn’t easy, why should our music be?

Alex Mincek (1975-), String Quartet No. 3; Mivos Quartet, live, New York, 2013



reading table

By Emily Dickinson (1830-1886; Franklin 384)

It dont sound so terrible—quite—as it did—
I run it over—”Dead”, Brain—”Dead”.
Put it in Latin—left of my school—
Seems it don’t shriek so—under rule.

Turn it, a little—full in the face
A Trouble looks bitterest—
Shift it—just—
Say “When Tomorrow comes this way—
I shall have waded down one Day”


I suppose it will interrupt me some
Till I get accustomed—but then the Tomb
Like other new Things—shows largest—then—
And smaller, by Habit—

It’s shrewder then
Put the Thought in advance—a Year—
How like “a fit”—then—

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