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Friday, June 28th

She’s on to something—what, I’m not quite sure.

Alyona, Alyona, “Залишаю свій дім,” 2018


the song is about the fact that she leaves her home and parents in the province and moved to the capital (Kiev)

—YouTube comment

(More? Here.)

Tuesday, May 28th

sounds of Ukraine

Attitude needs no translation.

Alyona Alyona, “Голови,” 2018




reading table

. . . all news feels foreign today . . .

—Mike McCormack, Solar Bones

Monday, April 17th

sounds of Ukraine

The only thing better than one cello is two.

Valentin Silvestrov (1937-), Hiéroglyphes de la nuit; Anja Lechner (cello),  Agnès Vesterman (cello), Valentin Silvestrov (piano), live, Paris, 2015


Friday, February 10th

Quiet, beauty—sometimes they seem to have all but disappeared.

Valentin Silvestrov (piano), live, Ukraine (Kiev), 2012



random thoughts

I’ve been a criminal defense lawyer for over 30 years. Week in and week out, I’m in federal and state courts. I have deeply mixed feelings about our legal system. But last night, as I read the Ninth Circuit’s 29-page ruling, I felt enormous gratitude for the one branch of government that currently seems capable of—or even interested in—thoughtful analysis.

Tuesday, January 24th

In a world so noisy what’s more precious than sounds so quiet?

Morton Feldman (1926-1987, MCOTD Hall of Fame), Piano and string quartet (1985), Sed Contra Ensemble, live (performance begins at 4:11), Ukraine (Lviv), 2016



art beat: other day, Whitney Museum of American Art (New York)

Edward Hopper (1882-1967), A Woman in the Sun, 1961


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