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Monday, December 17th

what’s new

Peter Van Hoesen (electronics) & Gabi Sultana (piano) play John Cage (1912-1992), live, Paris, 10/30/18 (published 12/12/18)


Wednesday, December 12th


Heaven: hearing, together, a favorite drummer and a favorite bassist.

Ed Blackwell (drums, 1929-1992) with Malachi Favors (bass, 1927-2004) and Dewey Redman (tenor saxophone, 1931-2006), “Paris? Oui” (Tarik), 1969




random sights

yesterday, Oak Park, Ill.

Tuesday, September 18th


Brad Mehldau (piano), “Three Pieces After Bach,” live, Paris, 2018


Tuesday, June 19th

what’s new

Joris Voorn (DJ), live, Paris, 6/11/18




reading table

little tub—
pond snails ready for shelling
play sliding games

—Kobayashi Issa, 1763-1827 (translated from Japanese by David G. Lanoue)

Sunday, May 6th

God has given me a ministry. It’s about reaching as many souls as I can through techno, speaking God’s truth and his gospel to as many ears as I can, taking the message to the street.

—Floorplan (aka Robert Hood), New Yorker, 5/7/18

Live, Paris, 2015




random sights

yesterday, outside Chicago (Prairie Path, Bellwood)


Wednesday, September 6th

one of the most absorbing pieces I know

Morton Feldman (1927-1986; MCOTD Hall of Fame), Rothko Chapel (1971); Ensemble Intercontemporain, live, Paris, 2017


(Rothko Chapel, located in Houston, reportedly was not damaged by Harvey.)



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John Ashbery (July 28, 1927-September, 3, 2017)

. . . as though wondering
whether forgetting
The whole thing might not, in the end, be the only solution.

—Soonest Mended (fragment)


random sights

yesterday, Chicago (Columbus Park)

Tuesday, July 25th

voices I miss

Steve Lacy (soprano saxophone, 1934-2004), “Wasted” (S. Lacy), live, Paris, 1982




art beat: other day, Art Institute of Chicago

Utagawa Hiroshige (1797-1858), Yatsumi Bridge, 1856

Monday, June 12th

what’s new

Oumou Sangaré, “Kamelemba,” 2017


Wednesday, January 4th

New Year’s resolution

More accordion.

Live, Paris, 2012


Saturday, August 15th

How about a trip to Paris?

Steve Lacy Trio (SL [1934-2004], soprano saxophone; Jean Jacques Avenel, bass; John Betsch, drums), “Epistrophy” (T. Monk), “Revenue,” live, Paris (Sunset Jazz Club), 1993



reading table

A gentleman of the better type is, in our opinion, only he who entertains a fair number of vain and foolish ideas about himself, and who above all imagines that his nose is better than any other good and sensible human nose whatsoever.

—Robert Walser (1878-1956), “The Walk” (translated from German by Christopher Middleton)

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