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Thursday, May 23rd

Some singers are so distinctive that when you’re in the mood for them no one else will do.

Blossom Dearie (1924-2009), “They Say It’s Spring,” 1958*



reading table: Albion Beatnik Bookstore, Oxford, England



*BD, vocals, piano; Herb Ellis, guitar; Ray Brown, bass; Jo Jones, drums.

Wednesday, May 22nd

sounds of Chicago

Want to hear a great solo? You’ve come to the wrong place. This isn’t about solos; it’s about interplay.

The Rempis Percussion Quartet,* live, Chicago (Hideout), 2010



*Dave Rempis, saxophones; Ingebrigt Håker Flaten, bass; Tim Daisy, drums; Frank Rosaly, drums.

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