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Month: February, 2013

Saturday, February 16th


Johann Sebastian Bach, Violin Sonata No. 1 in G minor, 2nd movement (fugue)
Henryk Szeryng (1918-1988), violin



musical thoughts

A world where Bach could be heard via the internet by anyone, anywhere, anytime, could seem, so long as other things were overlooked, a paradise.


From an interview with composer and conductor Pierre Boulez:

Q. What is the main problem with young conducting students?

A. They think too much or too little.

Friday, February 15th

a week in New Orleans: day five

Big Freedia

“Na Who Mad,” 2011


Talking, walking around town, performing, etc.
Pitchfork TV, 2013

Thursday, February 14th

a week in New Orleans: day four

Mardi Gras Indians (Fat Tuesday, 2012)

Wild Magnolias


Two Indian Tribes Meet in Treme

Wednesday, February 13th

a week in New Orleans: day three

Louis Armstrong and His Hot Five
“West End Blues” (Joe “King” Oliver), 1928


King Oliver’s Creole Jazz Band
“Dipper Mouth Blues” (Joe “King” Oliver), 1923



reading table

America, to me, should be shouting all the time, a bunch of shouting voices, most of them wrong, some of them nuts, but please, not just one droning glamorous reasonable voice.

—George Saunders, “My Flamboyant Grandson” (In Persuasion Nation)

Tuesday, February 12th

a week in New Orleans: day two 

Bon Mardi Gras

Professor Longhair, December 19, 1918-January 30, 1980

“Mardi Gras in New Orleans” (AKA “Go to the Mardi Gras”), 1950


“Big Chief”


“Tipitina” (with the Meters)

Monday, February 11th

a week in New Orleans: day one

In no other city are the streets so musical.

Treme Sidewalk Steppers Second Line, 2/1/09

Rebirth Brass Band, “It’s All Over Now” (B. Womack & S. Womack)


Kevin Harris (tenor saxophone) & other Sixth Ward musicians



This is a city, too, for stylin’ dogs.

Barkus Mardi Gras Parade, 1/27/13

Sunday, 2/10/13

When he died, at the age of twenty-nine, folks got the news the same way they heard his music.

WCKY (Cincinnati), 1/1/1953, announcing Hank Williams’ death, followed by his recording of “I Am Bound For The Promised Land” (S. Stennett)

Saturday, February 9th

In heaven, I’ve heard, you can listen, any time of day, any time of night, to old radio shows.

Hank Williams, Mother’s Best Flour, WSM (Nashville), 1951



random thoughts

How many of our shoes will outlive us?

Friday, February 8th

only rock ’n’ roll

Some bands I keep coming back to.

The Dirtbombs, “Ever Lovin’ Man,” San Francisco (Amoeba Music), 2008



reading table

Odd, I have now a mania for shortness. Whenever I read my own or other people’s works it all seems to me not short enough.

—Anton Chekhov (1860-1904)

Thursday, February 7th

1 + 1 = infinity

Dmitri Shostakovich (1906-1975), Sonata for Viola (1975); Yuri Bashmet (viola), Ksenia Bashmet (Yuri’s daughter, piano)

This is the last thing Shostakovich composed before he died.



Here’s another take on the last movement, with a younger Yuri Bashmet and Sviatoslav Richter.



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