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Wednesday, 11/24/10

Coolest guy on the planet?

Will Gaines (tap dance) with Steve Beresford (piano), Alex Ward (clarinet), live, London, 2009

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I tap-danced for ten years before I began to understand that people don’t make musicals anymore.

Zadie Smith

Tuesday, 11/23/10

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Dad, listen to this . . .

—my (19-year-old) son Luke

Lupe Fiasco, “The Show Goes On” (2010)


Take 2

Live, Georgetown University, 10/30/10: “Superstar,” “The Show Goes On” (’til he forgets the lyrics), back to “Superstar”


More from Georgetown

“Hip-Hop Saved My Life”

More? Here. Here. Here.



Interview (Tavis Smiley, 2008)


listening room

Here, in MP3 format, is a track featuring a guy we listened to the other day: Cecil Taylor, with drummer Tony Williams (“Morgan’s Motion,” from Williams’ 1978 album The Joy of Flying).

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