Sunday, 9/26/10

by musicclipoftheday

two takes

I’m too close to heaven, I just can’t turn around . . .

“Too Close To Heaven”

Brooklyn All-Stars (featuring Hardie Clifton), live, 1989


Bessie Griffin, live



radio gems: gospel

Sinner’s Crossroads
Jersey City, New Jersey; Mt. Hope, New York
Thursday, 8-9 p.m. (EST) (archived shows)
One of my all-time favorite radio shows.


reading table

Shelby had been fooled about Florida, but that was okay. She wasn’t the first. She’d imagined a place that was warm and inviting and she’d gotten a place that was without seasons and sickeningly hot. She’d wanted palm trees and she’d gotten grizzly, low oaks. She’d wanted surfers instead of rednecks. She’d thought Florida would make her feel glamorous or something, and there was a region of Florida that might’ve done just that, but it wasn’t this part. It was okay, though. It was something different. It wasn’t the Midwest. It wasn’t a place where you could look around and plainly see, for miles, that nothing worthwhile was going on.


“Everybody calls this the real Florida . . . . I don’t understand an expression like that. Is part of the state imaginary?”

—John Brandon, Citrus County (2010)